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AUDIOPHONY CR12A-COMBO høyttalersystem

3-5 dager leveringstid

Batteridrevet høyttaler med 2 trådløse mikrofoenr inkludert.

Battery-operated self-powered system
An off-road system

The CR12A-combo is a super-powerful portable sound system which fits any nomad installation. It features a USB/SD player, a Bluetooth® receiver, two UHF wireless microphones, an external source and a mixer allowing you to connect 2 extra microphones. It is complete, very easy to use and super powerful. On top of that, it is also easy to transport and very handy thanks to its built-in transport trolley, and its outstanding battery life. It fits in small spaces, and you can store every device you need inside its storage compartments.
All-in-one and easy to transport
Great performance and sound quality
Media player and 2 UHF microphones

• Loudspeaker: 10" + 1" driver
• Power output: 120 W RMS Class D amplifier
• Impedance : 4 Ohms
• UHF Mic: UHF with 16 frequencies
• Frequency band : UHF 863-865 Mhz
• Player: USB + SD card reader
• Infrared remote control with the main functions and volume control
• 1 Bluetooth® built-in receiver

• Inputs :
- CH1: Line in via RCA
- CH2: MIC/LINE via Combo XLR/Jack
- CH3: MIC/LINE sur Combo XLR/Jack
- Line output via Jack

• Settings:
- Player and CH1 volume
- CH2 and CH3 volume
- UHF microphone receivers volume
- Master volume
- Low and mid frequencies volume

• Battery life : approximately 6 hours - depending on the volume
• Charge time: 8 hours for both 12 V batteries

• Batteries: 2x12V / 5Ah

• Power management:
- A LED screen indicates the battery charge level
- Charge and use it simultaneously
- Automatically shut downs when the battery level is too low

• Accessories:
- Storage compartment for 2 mic and cables
- Retractable grip and built-in wheels
- Supplied with 2 UHF handheld microphones
- Headband microphone (optional)

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