Ketron SD3 Lydmodul m/USB & SD Kort leser

3-5 Dagers leveringstid

The SD3 has been one of Ketrons best selling arranger moduless and is still in big demand today among Accordion Players, Midi Guitarists etc. The original Floppy Drive has been dropped from our standard version which now sports a USB port for use with a pre-formatted USB drive. Download the free utility to your Windows (R) computer to manage a library of 100 disks on your single USB drive. 

The SD3 standard edition features:

  • Easy Midi Setup profiles
  • 290 Orchestral Sounds
  • New USB support (library of 100 floppy disks on one drive!)
  • 60 different effects
  • full SMF playback
  • Built in speakers
  • 128 built in styles, hundreds more can be downloaded from us.