Yamaha Stage Custom HIP - Shellpack

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Yamaha Stage Custom HIP trommesett i 6 lags bjørk med 20" x 8 basstromme, 10" x 5" racktom m/tomholder, 13" x 5" skarp, 13" x 8" gulvtom/Skarptromme m/3 ben. NB! Stativpakke, pedal og cymbaler kommer i tillegg.

A compact Stage Custom kit using the 100%birch shells that have become synonymous with Yamaha drums. A shallow bass drum measuring 20 x 8 inches supports the bottom-end of the band and keeps the overall setup compact. The floor tom is also equipped with snares to allow for use in a variety of different kinds of music.

The 20" bass drum projects rich bass tones of a regular set with a shallow shell to save space on the gig or in the practice room.
The floor tom comes equipped with 20-strand snares and can be transformed into a deep, 13" snare drum. This allows you to play variety of musical genres without having to carry an extra snare drum.

With its small footprint, the Stage Custom Hip is compact enough to set up in even the smallest of venues without sacrificing sound and functionality.