Ketron SD90 Lydmodul

3-5 Dagers leveringstid

KETRON har klart det igjen!

De presenterer i disse dager det nye keyboardet SD 60 og lyd-/arrangermodulen SD 90. Med disse nye modellene overgår KETRON alt de tidligere har produsert hva gjelder: Naturlig LIVE lyder, klanger, rytmer og effekter. Gitarister, bassister og trommeslagere er spilt inn og lagt inn i alle rytmer i SD90/SD60.

SD 60 er basert på toppmodellen SD9, men en del nye muligheter. Det har innebyggede høyttalere på 2x20watt.

SD90 er en arranger-modul i samme familie- et unikt redskap for enhver musiker, pianist, keyboardist eller trekkspiller. For spesifikasjoner sjekk den vedlagte listen over alle muligheter som finnes i disse unike instrumentene. 


Ketron SD90 is an arranger module with high-quality sounds and an easy handling. It has the same features and equipment as the SD9 Entertainer Keyboard, but without an integrated keyboard. This makes it ideal for expanding your sound spectrum without having to bring another keyboard into the studio or on stage. This module can be easily controlled and played via midi. The touch screen and tidy design allow intuitive operation.

Sound at the highest level

The Ketron SD90 has 5 sound banks, 61 drum sets, 368 preset voices and 1500 user voices. The SD90 offers a wide range of sounds. From organs and pianos to guitars and synthesizers. The sounds sound consistently powerful and professional and can be individually adjusted by the advanced voice editing;

Large selection of high-quality styles

The SD90 has a choice of 400 styles, 140 live styles with drums, live guitars and grooves. These function as automatic accompaniment, in which chords can be grasped with the left hand, so that the accompaniment always follows the chords and at the same time one of the freely adjustable sounds of the SD90 can be played with the right hand. The styles are each equipped with four variations, some fills and breaks and three intros and endings. The many live audio loops and 150 audio drums make this sound particularly good.

Audio Multitrack Player

The multitrack player can play up to 6 audio tracks simultaneously. These can be flexibly adjusted, muted and provided with effects during live use. A metronome can be switched on;

Audio and Midi

The Ketron SD90 has a new audio and midi recording function. Short patterns can be recorded in phrase mode and then played back later during playback in loop or even complete parts can be recorded in song mode. The audio track can be recorded as a stereo WAV file.

The Ketron SD90 at a glance:

  • Powerful, professional sound
  • Easy-to-use touch screen
  • 5 soundbanks, 61 drum sets, 368 preset voices and 1600 user voices
  • Wide range of sounds
  • Pleasantly easy to use
  • 400 styles, 140 live styles with drums, live guitars and grooves
  • Styles are equipped with variations, fills, breaks, intros and endings
  • Live Loops
  • Multitrack player with up to 6 audio tracks
  • phrase mode
  • Recording possibility to Stereo-Wave